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Orange County Foster Care Network

Adoption Only

Statewide, approximately 85 percent of all children in the foster care system who are freed for adoption are ultimately adopted by their foster parents. Therefore, they do not become available to adoption-only families. The remaining 15 percent of children who have been freed for adoption, and who are without a permanent family resource, are “photo-listed” in New York State’s Adoption Album. These children represent the pool of Adoption-Only candidates. According to statistics maintained by the New York State Adoption Service, there are typically about 1,000 children freed for adoption and waiting for permanent homes in New York State at any given time.

Potential benefits of Adoption-Only:

  • No risk to family; children are completely freed for adoption.

Important points to consider:

  • Young children without physical, mental or emotional disabilities are generally not available for adoption-only through the foster care system.
  • Children who are legally freed and available to adoption-only families are generally older and many have special needs.

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