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Foster Care Only

Foster care is a system by which a certified, stand-in "parent(s)" cares for minor children or young people who have been removed from their birth parents or other custodial adults by state authority.

Responsibility for the young person is assumed by the relevant governmental authority and a placement with another family is found. Foster care is just a short term alternative while on the way to determining one of the three permanent plans for the child:

  • Reunification with the biological parent,
  • Conversion of the foster home to a legally-permanent guardianship or adoption, or
  • Placement of the child into another legally permanent family.

People interested in becoming foster parents will receive:

  • Monthly tax-free reimbursement
  • Free certification
  • Free local training

If you are 21 years of age or older, have a steady income and adequate space in your home, you can qualify!

Call: 1-877-297-3303

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